Amsterdamse Poort – CBRE Global Investors

The brief

Amsterdamse Poort is a large shopping destination in the capital of the Netherlands. The aim of this project was initially to make sure empty units look good for the public and attract new potential business to open their stores. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the windows of these shops became an excellent place to send out a positive message and welcome people back after the lockdown.

The Approach

Working with the brand guidelines of Amsterdamse Poort, we created graphics to accompany our 3D window dresssings. In addition we had to think of ways to ensure people would keep 1,5 meters distance and provide them with a way to sanitize their hands.


The Outcome

Floor stickering and hand disinfectant dispensers were placed to minimize the chances of the Corona virus spreading. The window dressings combined with graphics give a positive vibe that fits well in the lively area.