Batavia Stad, Via Outlets

The brief

Please help us to find a solution for the following challenge: we are having to deal with strong wind in this shopping center influencing the flow of people through the center. Additionally, we have noticed from people counting installations that a lot of people leave the outlet center when they are in this part of the outlet. Can you propose a solution for both?

The Approach

Our creative team planned a site visit to assess the situation and found that what was required was a visually appealing solution helping to improve wayfinding and the same time to shield shoppers from the wind (and the view to the parking lot!)

The Outcome

3DWD successfully developed box structures, which have 3D graphics of stores on the front- creating a visually appealing image from the front making it feel like the center continues. On the back, we integrated advertising for tenants that are in the outlet center.


The structures have been designed to be able to deal with strong wind and are customizable.