Créteil Soleil, Klépierre 

The brief

Klépierre has inaugurated the 12,000m² extension of its Créteil Soleil shopping centre, the flagship of its portfolio in France. This is the first stage of an even bigger project that also includes a complete renovation of the existing shopping centre planned to be completed by the end of 2020.


3DWD was asked to develop selfie moments and interactive hoardings for some of the areas in the project.

The Approach

Our team looked at the Créteil soleil brand and the “Time to Shine” opening campaign  – and developed various ideas that fit with this new positioning and invite people to interact with these hoardings.


Out of our collection of ideas several concepts were chosen and developed further for execution.

The Outcome

We are proud to have worked on some really nice new concepts and successfully installing these at the property before the big extension opening party.