Dion Pouw speaking at APACECOM’s international congress for shopping centers in Panamá.

Our team attends many conferences around the world – mostly related to real estate and retail.

Earlier this year this took us to Central America, where the International Congress for Shopping Centers was held for the first time in Panamá on March 14th and 15th.


This regional conference was organized by APACECOM, the Panamanian Association of Shopping Centers.


Our CEO, Dion Pouw, was invited to be one of the speakers at this event and he gladly shared his views on the industry in a presentation called “Innovemos para no morir” (we innovate in order to survive).

The main point made in his speech was that innovation is important, but it needs to fit with the “product”. Innovation for innovation’s sake will lead to failure and unwise spending of budgets.


By drawing from the joint-experience of 3DWD’s experience around the world and partner agency State/Brook’s “product thinking” methodology Dion gave an introduction into how better products can be developed by looking at customer intentions first, and technology second.


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