Empire Outlets – Madison Marquette

The brief

Empire Outlets are New York’s premiere outdoor shopping and dining centre. As they opened a new floor dedicated to dining and food concepts, 3DWD was asked to create a mix of 2D/3D window dressing designs, around the theme of dining and New York.

The Approach

Working with all the guidelines of Empire Outlets, 3DWD came up with custom graphics that were placed on the creative 2D and 3D window dressings. The idea of New York and food was used widely across all the designs. Selfie walls and engaging text was made to invite and entertain all the visitors.

The Outcome

3DWD designed, adapted, and produced all the designs for the project. They were then installed and enjoyed by all the visitors and our client.

The Client Feedback

“This project turned out great! Cost effective, drives leasing efforts, and aesthetically pleasing. Thank you!”


Wesley Rebisz, General Manager at Empire Outlets.