HUMA ELEVEN, SES Spar European Shopping Centers GmbH

The brief

The client was looking for an interactive design to attract people’s attention and let them engage with the space. An empty hallway at the entrance should turn into something more appealing and interactive. “Our clients should feel the need to take pictures in front of the wall, that are fun and worth sharing on their social media channels”.


The wall that was asked to be created should fit in the theme and surrounding of the Shopping Center. Nature and local animals were the focus on this creation.


After receiving the client’s vision and point of view, our 3DWD team was ready to create a custom design for this request.

The Approach

After presenting the sketch of our ideas to the client, the challenge was to find and create the specific animals in positions, that people can interact with and still look natural.


The creative wall was asked to give further info’s about the animals, their behaviours as well as their heritage. Little texts about each feature were delivered by the client, and with the help of our designers’ skills, we were able to deliver the final art exactly like the client imagined.

The Outcome

3DWD designed, adapted and produced the designs for this project, the installation was realized by a local partner.


Our client was very happy with the result of our work and the first Shopping Center visitors are already spreading the wall on social media channels.