Kronenburg Shopping Center, Wereldhave

The brief

Please help us develop a new brand for Kronenburg Shopping Center in Arnhem, The Netherlands to further strengthen its position as the regional leader for daily convenience.

The Approach

Through various sessions with the client and external stakeholders, 3DWD familiarized itself with the property and the market. After a careful analysis of the situation and an internal brainstorming sessions 3DWD formulated a clear positioning deciding on what makes the center stand out versus its competitors.

The concept evolved around the fact that this property does the basics better than others, offering a high-quality offering, with free parking in a modern environment.

The Outcome

3DWD developed a new logo, marketing campaign (web, TV & Radio¬† and print) to help Wereldhave create an updated look & feel that makes Kronenburg ready for the future and fits well within the…