Martim Moniz, Stone Capital

The brief

Stone Capital is currently developing an exciting project in the very heart of Lisbon – at Martim Moniz Square. This project is aiming to reform one of the ’brushed aside’ squares of Lisbon and turn it into a central leisure and socializing spot for culture.


During the construction period the entire site got closed by hoardings. The client wanted to use these hoardings to give a soft and welcoming image of the project for the multi-cultural neighborhood that it’s located in. There should be neither ads nor the name of the client but only the messages that they were willing to pass.

The Approach

Our design team started with defining a main theme /motto which would cover all the designs under its umbrella. For such a multi-cultural neighborhood, the themes came out to be very natural and strong.


We decided to move further with two main mottos;

I love Martim Moniz & I am Martim Moniz “


The aim here was to make sure that the locals would not alienate themselves from the new project and meanwhile understand that our client is indeed sensitive about the urban tissue.

Theme of love wrapped all our designs and our client followed our heart!

The Outcome

3DWD created several graphics around the warmth of the chosen theme and then composed them into a fluent and meaningful sequence.


As a result, we received a happy client as well as an approval from the local municipality.