Momentum Solar, GGP

The brief

Our client GGP, now Brookfield Properties Retail Group, asked us to assist a tenant with the development of a fresh and unique kiosk design in order to be able to succesfully lease space at several mall properties.

The Approach

After a session with Momentum Solar in which we learned about the product offering and current sales approach, we analyzed the opportunities for the client to make a connection with their target audience.


The main objective was to connect the clients’ call center team with the in-mall activation to create successful leads and book a meeting for a follow up to discuss solar energy possibilities with prospective clients.

The Outcome

3DWD proposed several directions in the form of an interactive barricade, kiosk design and a full-size pop-up format to be used in mall environments. By combining 3DWD’s proprietary Scotti technology (real-time sales assistant) and connecting this with Momentum Solar’s call center by using we can propose a bigger reach without the need to add more people on the shop floor.


This innovative new concept is currently being tested by 3DWD prior to a pilot location.