Our products

Besides our conceptual work, we also develop innovative products for our clients.

Please find just some of our successfully implemented ideas below.

3D Window Dressing®

A choice of more than 200 pre-designed retail and food concepts, plus the fexibility of a custom store design.

The way we work is that we build up the full concept digitally in 3D from scratch. To give you an idea, imagine the process like a doll house which we can modify according to your needs: a tiny boutique or a large store? Doesn’t matter. We will define the concept, style, brand and then we will design it. The realism comes from the flexibility to create and calculate every particle of light and see how it affects the colour of furniture, textile, flooring and so on.

We help you to show the potential of your space. Whether this is a vacant space, a new development or a store announcement.


3D Window Dressing® started off in the Netherlands as a solution to show the potential of vacant retail spaces through highly realistic 3D store designs installed on empty storefronts. Today, we help property owners and retailers with 3D & Interactive solutions all around the world.


Customer service reimagined.

When you follow the news, you might almost come to think that AI and robots will replace people at some point. However – at 3DWD, we strongly believe that people will always prefer to speak with another person over a chatbot.


People in customer service just need better tools.


Scotti is a real-time concierge solution, allowing customer service and hospitality agents to do a better job and be “beamed” to wherever they are needed.

Revenue Improve customer experience
Efficiencies (up to 50%)
Increase revenue
Introduction Measure
Revenue Reward

This innovative concept allows a concierge to push content to a specific screen, measure client satisfaction and improve the overall experience.


We are currently working on pilots in several industries – shopping centers, apartments and hotels. Contact us if you would like to learn more about our approach, options and pricing.


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