RETAIL VACANCY MANAGEMENT – Improving the Customer Experience.

Dealing with vacant storefronts? This is quite common even in normal times of course.


With the current Covid-19 crisis you may find yourself with a few more vacancies than you are used to (or comfortable with.)


No worries, 3DWD specializes in dealing with this challenge. This article aims to describe our approach and some of our solutions so that you can feel comfortable addressing these vacancies in a qualitative and affordable manner – we have worked on projects & vacancy management projects in 40+ countries on all continents.


Ever since the beginning of our creative agency, 3DWD has focused on developing creative solutions for vacant spaces and hoardings (barricades for our American friends).


We offer solutions for different budgets; all we need is for you to share your situation and objective and we can take over and develop a vacancy management programme that fits.




We look at the current status of the property and divide the vacant units into three (or sometimes more) categories. These can be for instance:

–       Short-term vacancies (e.g. tenant has signed, but not ready to open yet)

–       Mid-term vacancies (e.g. good location, conversations on-going, no deal in place yet)

–       High profile locations (e.g. visible spaces, long-term vacancy expected)


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