The brief

Create a brand that is not just about real estate. It is about people. We aim to inspire, challenge and entertain by tickling the imagination through atypical design and human centered hospitality. The physical manifestation of SNRG will allow people to wander, do or just be. We will create greater value by partnering with others; in everything we do, to create something special we need to work, live and play in Synergy.

The Approach

Delving into the meaning of synergy we looked for new ways to symbolize the concepts of working together, growth and movement. In the process we immediately thought of ways to incorporate visual elements into the physical environment, and how the brand could be extended to other locations and joint ventures with other companies that contribute to the wellbeing of the SNRG community.

The Outcome

We developed an identity system consisting of a logo and wordmark, a color palette and textrures that were selected to not only make the brand look attractive, but further enhance the concept of elements coming together to create something greater than the sum of its parts.