The Summit at Fritz Farm, Bayer Properties

The brief

Bayer Properties will be opening an exciting a new retail center in Lexington, Kentucky. We will have some vacancies when the center opens in 30 days, can you please help us to create an image that fits with the high level of quality of this development? Also, we would like to show in these graphics the type of tenants we are looking to attract.

The Approach

Working together with our client we defined the prospective tenants that we are looking to attract and suggested befitting themes from our pre-developed catalog of design themes (200+ options). In a record time of 30 days we designed, produced and installed 10+ 3D Window Dressing® barricades in Lexington, Kentucky.

The Outcome

“ The graphics truly turned out FABULOUS. We cannot thank you enough for ALL of your efforts over the past several weeks…what an accomplishment in such a short amount of time!”


Lindsay Bayer-Shipp
Creative Director – Brand and Merchandising Strategist at Bayer Properties, LLC