Vacancy management

Our unique idea helped landlords around the world.

Whether you are opening a new development or running an existing scheme – a vacant retail space is not something you, your tenants nor shoppers like to see.

Our team has worked on creative hoarding / barricade solutions all over the world and we have developed a wide range of solutions that will help you to improve the experience and accelerate the leasing process.

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A choice of more than 200 pre-designed retail and food concepts, plus the flexibility of a custom store design.

The way we work is that we build up the full concept digitally in 3D from scratch. To give you an idea, imagine the process like a doll house which we can modify according to your needs: a tiny boutique or a large store? Doesn’t matter. We will define the concept, style, brand and then we will design it. The realism comes from the flexibility to create and calculate every particle of light and see how it affects the colour of furniture, textile, flooring and so on.

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